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First Care Activating Serum EX, setting a new beauty trend in South Korea and across Asia. A boosting serum formulated with the upgraded JAUM Balancing Complex™ enhanced by PREXtract process™. It replenishes your skin’s yin deficiency to bring back balance and improve its regeneration, vitality, nutrition, clarity and resilience.

An optimal formula of five precious ingredients, that were carefully selected from 3,000 Korean traditional medicinal herbs. It supplements the yin energy to restore and maintain balance to the skin.

White lilyClarity

Has calming and nourishing effects that spread across the body and enrich the mind.

Solomon’s sealNutrition

Supplements the yin energy and adds elasticity to skin.


Provides excellent moisturising effects by stimulating circulation and protects against ageing.

Sacred lotusVitality

Replenishes body fluids and moisture, adding radiance to skin.


Addresses the yin deficiency and soothes skin.

A new process technology that maximise the efficacy of the JAUM Balancing Complex™ by applying pressure 1,000 times greater than one atmosphere to each ingredient. This high-pressure treatment increased the concentration rate of JAUM Balancing Complex™ by 180%.

Result: Enhances skins resilience and barrier function, improve skin's elasticity and presents strong antioxidant effects, letting your skin achieve healthy and natural radiance.