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  A royal court formula that hydrates the skin with a clean and pure
  spirit and moisture.
      Gongjinhyang:Soo is a royal court Oriental hydration line thaat facilitates 
      sooseunghwagang(sending water up and fire down) and moisturizes the
      skin through the addition of "cheonggiiksudan", which fills the skin with a 
      pure spirit like oxygen, and "eunhasoo", which supplies purified moisture
      to the skin, to "gongjinbidan".
Soo Yeon Balancer 
           Gonginbidan complex enhances the skin tone while moisturizing skin just after
           the facial wash. Apply right after washing the face. 
※ Direction:
             Apply along the skin texture with 2~3 drops on palms after washing in the
             morning and evening. Gently press with palms to penetrate deeply after applying.
Soo Yeon Lotion 
           Gonginbidan complex enhances the skin tone while moisturizing skin. Use it
           with other Gongjinhyang:Soo line to maximize the effect to the skin.
※ Direction:
             Apply on skin by tapping gently with palms evenly along the skin texture.
            Use it after Essence.