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UL GOLD PEEL OFF MASK typenya masker sobek(Peel Off) setelah aplikasi tunggu kering lalu ditarik dari atas ke bawah.

Fungsinya untuk angkat kotoran dan kulit mati, mengandung serbuk emas dan membuat kulit nyaman.

This is a peel off mask to make a clean and transparent skin because its royal Korean medicinal herb ingredients help eliminate the skin waste. You can apply gently and peel off non-irritatingly, so you skin feels comfortable.
Directions : After washing face and calming the skin with a balancer, take the product in an amount of a jujube fruit and spread sufficiently over the face in 2 to 3 times of application, avoiding eyes and mouth areas. After the facial mask gets dry in 20 to 30 minutes, peel it off lightly from up to down